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Upload Files for Production

For help using the upload utility please call 402-592-1292

Please note that you must fill out all required fields and click the Upload Files or your upload will not start.

Do not click on UPLOAD FILES at the bottom of this form until a green dot is displayed to the left of the selected file name. A green dot indicates the file is ready for upload - a flashing orange dot indicates the file is still in preparation and is not ready for upload.

Please remove the following characters from your file name before uploading:  comma (,) ampersand (&) number sign (#) percentage (%) Failure to do so, may result in a delay of your order.

Check the box below once the green dot is displayed next to each file you wish to upload.
The green dot(s) indicates the file is ready for submission to our production department. A flashing orange dot means it is still processing - larger files will take a few extra seconds to process. If you proceed to submit the files before the green dot is displayed - your file will not be sent.